Edith Wilmot Bristol Florist Flower Care Information

When you receive your flower delivery, please take a moment to enjoy your delightful gift!  Then, please consider the below…

Cut stems to length (removing at least 2 inches/5cm) with a sharp knife. This will cut off any air lock formed when the flowers were in transit and cause minimum damage to the stem structure. A diagonal cut is best as it exposes the maximum surface area for water uptake.

Use fresh lukewarm water with the sachet of flower food provided. Lukewarm water contains less oxygen and so lessens the likelihood of air pockets forming in the stems and the flower food not only feeds but reduces bacterial growth that blocks water take up.

Remove all leaves that will be below the water level as this will help reduce the build up of bacteria.

Always use a clean vase that should be about half to one third as tall of your flowers and keep the water topped up daily. Avoid metal containers.

Display your flowers in a cool, draught free location away from radiators, sunlight or other heat source. The cooler the conditions the longer the flowers will last. Flowers like to be spray “misted” with clean water as it helps to keep them cool and fresh.

If using floral foam (like Oasis) be sure to pre-soak the foam in flower food solution first (it is easier to cut to shape when wet), shape it to fit the container leaving space for a reservoir of water and access for topping up.
Ethylene gas ages flowers prematurely and is given off by fruit and dead flowers so pick off faded flowers and keep away from fruit.

If roses “flop” re-cut the stems immediately and place in deep water in a cool dark place for a few hours before re-displaying.

If you receive a “European Hand Tied” arrangement simply remove the cellophane of water and place in a container. Do NOT untie your flowers or the shape will be lost.

Plants and Planted Bowls – Never stand in direct heat or on a window sill which is draughty and cold in winter. Water with tepid water; only when the soil feels dry an inch below the surface. Plants need little water in winter, more in summer. Flowering plants need more than green ones. Azaleas, in particular, need daily watering. It should be remembered that more plants die through drowning than by drought! Faded flowers and yellow leaves should be removed regularly.

PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE – Flowers and plants are for display only and should be kept out of reach of children. Certain varieties may be harmful or may cause irritation. We recommend that you do not place your gift on an unprotected surface.

As professional florists we know which flowers work well together in arrangements and bouquets with regard to lasting qualities and ease of care. We can also choose the most suitable flowers for various occasions like the birth of a baby, wedding anniversary or funeral tributes.

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